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What is GDPR data mapping?

Have a global vision of the data your company deals with

Any successful data protection program starts with understanding what kind of data a company collects, stores, processes, shares and disposes of.

Having a visual element such as a data map allows you to have an overview of what data the company handles and whether it is transferred from one location to another either internally or externally.

In addition, the data visualisation will help employees to easily follow the personal data flows in the organisation and managers to have full control of all data. 

Why is data mapping important under the GDPR?

A data map visually shows the processing activities, i.e. the data that a company is processing, and to whom it is communicating (the recipients). 


These processing activities must be predefined in order to comply with the requirements of art. 30 of GDPR. This article indicates that each data controller must keep a record of the processing activities.

What information does a data map contain?

A comprehensive data flow map to help ensure GDPR compliance will show all the data that exists in the company and where it is moving in and out of the company. When data mapping for GDPR make sure to include the following:


  • What data is being handled, is it sensitive data or not?
  • Where is the data stored?
  • Where does the data go?

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