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GDPR applies to data controllers and processors both inside and outside the EU. Companies treating data from EU customers or clients have to comply with the laws of the country where the data is coming from.



This wasn’t an issue previously because all members had one common law to follow, post brexit, this is going to change for companies in the UK. According to article 27, any none EU companies (which now includes UK companies) treating data from a client in Europe will need to appoint an EU GDPR representative.



We can be your EU Data Protection representative:

Achieve GDPR Compliance

Your EU representative provides everything you need for your data protection

Personalised Service

Legal support and regular contact aims to make achieving compliance that much easier. We help to ensure compliance over time as you grow and new hurdles arise.

On-Going Monitoring

We monitor our clients compliance with current regulations and provide guidance on how to tackle problems, and importantly, when you need to act.

Contact for the ICO

We act as a contact for ICO and data protection authorities of other countries.

The role of an EU GDPR representative and their responsibilities at a glance

Now that the UK has left the EU, companies processing data of European clients must appoint an EU based GDPR representative.

A good representative must be based in the EU, able to update you on changing requirements, and can act on your behalf with regard to data processing issues should supervisory authorities request information.

Due to the nature of what can be required of an EU representative, for example, a court appearance on behalf of the company (in the case of a breach) only an expert in GDPR should take on the role.

Pridatect EU GDPR representative service

Pridatect gives you access to a team of international data protection specialists, which provides the following services:

  • Monitoring regulatory compliance with GDPR & other international privacy regulations
  • Inform you which processing activities you have to carry out
  • Implementation and supervision of all impact assessments that need to be carried out in your company
  • Cooperation and communication with supervisory authorities, such as the ICO

Benefit from the Pridatect GDPR software

Always updated and adjusted to your needs

Working with an EU GDPR representative is the best way to achieve regulatory compliance, since our specialized legal experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Our GDPR software offers a plethora of automation services that make your life easier: risk analysis, impact assessments, mandatory legal documentation such as cookie policy, etc.

Our legal team, specialised in data protection are always available to answer any questions and will provide you with a fully personalised service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The data representative is the individual based in the EU who can act on behalf of your organisation when can contacted by relevant supervisory authorities for issues related to data processing.

GDPR covers what an EU GDPR representative is in Article 27, it states that the data representative is:

  • Nominated by the controller or processor to be addressed in addition to the controller or processor (by EU regulatory bodies)
  • Established in a member state where you process personal data (or monitor behavior)

Any company that is not part of the EU but are treating data from a client in Europe will need to appoint an EU GDPR representative.

A representative needs to be appointed if your organisations activities require you to process data from Europe, so, this would mean UK companies after Brexit.

A party based in the EU with expert knowledge of GDPR, because this individual needs to have the competence to act on your companys behalf in these matters, any failings by this party would lead to fines and further problems for your organisation. 

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