Getting organised to comply with data protection regulations will no longer be so complicated.

The task system makes data protection measures easy to implement for all departments of the company.

Privacy task management involving all departments

Take action when needed

Keep things clear and simple or go as in-depth as you like

Keep things basic and straight forward, or go in-depth and detailed descriptions, comments & various files.

Quickview: See the schedule & progress of tasks

This is a great way to keep an eye on the big picture with regards to your data protection, without getting bogged down in the details.

Save time by automating tasks

Data protection is an on going task, and some tasks require some effort during the inital setup, but then you can create follow up tasks and reminders to take much of the workload off your back.

How Pridatect can help you

Make life easy for yourself by bringing order to your data protection compliance efforts, and the automation allows you to focus on other things.


With the task management feature, data protection measures are made actionable and straight forward for all company departments.


The task system is being filled for each department with clear tasks, responsible parties, priorities and due dates. 

Each person involved can easily access, and complete them following the instructions provided by the Pridatect platform, making sure the companies data protection professional has the control over all data privacy related issues and tasks.

Take action when needed

Manage tasks involving all department


Discover how Pridatect can help you in taking control of your companies data protection

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