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Data Protection in the Health Sector

Interview with Naveed Malik, Head of Data Protection at Push Doctor


In this episode we interview Naveed Malik, Head of Data Protection at Push Doctor, a service which supplements your GP in order to provide the best healthcare.


Data protection in the health sector is of particular concern, especially at a time like the present, when the pandemic situation has meant that the vast majority of healthcare providers have had to switch up their offering, from face-to-face meetings to online appointments, with all that this entails in terms of privacy, online activities and the processing of sensitive data, etc.


Naveed has extensive experience on both the institutional side and in the private sector, providing him with a unique perspective on the different challenges that organisations and data protection leaders face, and strategies he’s developed in order to get the two on the same page, and he shares this with our listeners in this episode.

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In this chat we will discuss:

Once you have the confidence of the people that are handling the information, the persuasion, and influencing around , data protection processes, policies, and mindset, sinks in that little bit better. I've found that there is a process that you have to go through, you can't simply get people in a room and say "this is what GDPR is and off you go", it just doesn't work like that.
Naveed Malik
Head of Data Protection at Push Doctor

Podcast guest

Naveed Malik

Head of Data Protection

Working as DPO at PushDoctor, and with 5 years of experience at the ICO, before moving into in-house roles in local government, He launched Burberry’s first Data Protection Office, later moving into the health technology sector.

Presented by

Charles Maddy-Trevitt

UK Data Protection Compliance Specialist

Charles has a background in a wide range of industries and sectors with international experience (US/UK/Canada/EU) in data protection, it’s this knowledge & experience that allows Charles to guide clients through the minefield of data protection regulations, and making compliance, simple.


Thanks to his extensive experience working internationally, Charles is leading the UK arm of our data protection compliance platform, which is now helping more than 10,000 companies in Europe with their international privacy needs.