The German MedTech company InLine-Med from Magdeburg has beat a number of promising start-ups to win the Pridatect Privacy Grant. We recently met with co-founder Sinja Lagotzki, who explained to us InLine-Med’s current challenges, why data protection is essential in the MedTech industry and what the Pridatect Privacy Grant means for the company. The Google … Read more


We all use WhatsApp, you’d be hard pushed to find a company without at least one workplace WhatsApp group, or use it in correspondence with customers/clients. But did you know this can be fraught with privacy issues which, if neglected, can lead to a plethora of issues including fines, damage to your hard won reputation, … Read more

Is sensitive data the same as personal data? No, sensitive data, or sensitive personal data, has more stringent requirements that must be met in order for your organisation to be able to process it. The requirements for processing personal data are different, and we’ll go into this in more depth later, as well as personal … Read more

gdpr after brexit update 2021

The UK has now left the EU, and a few things have to change. In this article we’ll be looking at how GDPR and Brexit changes will affect you, whether you need an EU representative, what is adequacy status (this one is important) and how you can ensure you don’t fall foul of the GDPR … Read more


The EU-US Privacy Shield is invalid, and there is ambiguity with regards to standard contract clauses, because they’re still valid…sometimes. So let’s clear that up. The Schrems II ruling we’ve all heard so much about has led to confusion and no shortage of panic. In this short article we want to succinctly explain what the … Read more