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Has one of your teams accidentally shared personal client data? Stay cool! With Pridatect’s intuitive and collaborative data breach management feature it takes just a few minutes to report a data breach.



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Fast Reporting

Report data breaches quickly and
ensure that all responsible persons
are notified automatically.

Privacy Compliance

Guarantee all relevant information required by the supervisory authorities is included when reporting a data breach.

Trackable Evidence

Be prepared for due diligence and
audits with a handy and up to date register of all past data breaches.

What's included?

Allow any employee to quickly and securely report a data breach by answering a few short questions covering all relevant information.

Gather information on the data breach together with your team in order to mitigate the impact of the incident.

Ensure all responsibles are notified automatically when a data breach has been reported.

Build a register to document all past data breach cases, allowing you to download reports and be prepared for further investigations such as due diligence or audits.

Complete Data Breach Management:


Did you know?

According to the Ponemon Institute’s Annual Data Breach Cost Report, the 

average cost of a data breach by companies employing security automation is 

80% lower than companies not using automated data protection.


A data breach is a security incident that may result in the unauthorised access, alteration or loss of personal data. Data breaches can affect information processed digitally or in paper format.

Data breaches may happen accidentally, as in the case of an employee or system error, or intentionally, as in the case of a hacker attack. Examples of a data breach might include:


  • Sending an email with personal data to the wrong person
  • Weak or stolen passwords
  • Malware, phishing email scam or other phishing attacks
  • Loss or theft of computer or USB drives
  • An employee who steels a contact list for personal interests

There are several measures you can take to prevent data breaches. Some examples of preventive measures are:


  • Update access details regularly
  • Provide data protection training for employees
  • Pseudonymisation
  • Implement an offboarding process for providers after the termination
  • Encrypt information sent via email
  • Use software with access restrictions to share personal data instead of email

GDPR establishes the obligation to report within a maximum of 72 hours after knowledge of the data breach to the competent supervisory authority. If the data breach poses a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the affected persons, they should be informed.

The consequences may depend on the impact of the data breach, the sensitivity of the data and the number of people affected. Besides financial consequences due to fines and compensation for damages, one may also face time-related consequences as well as reputation damage.

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