Transfer Impact Assessment


Make sure that your data transfers outside the EEA are completely secure. At Pridatect we help you identify and mitigate all risks.

We evaluate the security of your international transfers

Get all the guarantees thanks to our international privacy experience

International Legislative Analysis

Our legal team will verify if the country to which the data is transferred has the appropriate level of protection

Data transfers recorded

All processing activities involved, easily recorded on the Pridatect platform

Risk analysis

You will know if the transfer is safe or not, and you will be able to obtain preventive measures to avoid any potential issues

We analyze all aspects involved in your international transfers

Creating a TIA (Transfer Impact Assessment) is not an easy task; it requires having a complete knowledge of everything that is going to happen with the data. At Pridatect, we carry out an exhaustive analysis as follows:

Make a TIA with the facilities of Pridatect


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