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Our team of international GDPR experts helps you to monitor your regulatory compliance. Receive advice and constant supervision of all GDPR requirements.

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Our legal support with regular contacts ensures continuous compliance. Your company grows and changes and we help you to stay compliant through this process

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We monitor our clients compliance with current regulations and indicate when actions have to be taken.

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If needed we cooperate and communicate with the ICO and data protection authorities of other countries.

The role of a DPO and his responsibilities at a glance

Although there are some specific cases defined by the GDPR when the appointment of a DPO is mandatory, it is recommended for any company to work with a data professional.

A good DPO must be independent, an expert in data protection and have the necessary resources to carry out a professional data protection service. This service can be provided in two ways: internal, by having an employee appointed as DPO, or external, which means to outsource the tasks and responsibilities of a DPO to a professional.

Having a DPO in your company can be decisive when proving to data protection authorities that you comply with privacy regulations. In addition, it is a point in favor to demonstrate that you comply with the principle of proactive responsibility, a key point in data protection and included in Article 5 of the GDPR.


The DPO  also responsible to intervene in case of claims of the ICO. What does that mean? That people who want to file a claim against your company may file it with the DPO, prior to submitting it to the ICO, which can save sanctioning procedures and GDPR fines.

Our external DPO service

Pridatect gives you access to a team of international data protection specialists, which provides the following services:

Benefit from the Pridatect GDPR software

Always updated and adjusted to your needs

Working with an external data protection delegate is the best option, since it guarantees the independence under which a DPO has to act according to GDPR. With Pridatect you are furthermore benefiting from all automations our GDPR software has to offer: risk analysis, impact assessments, mandatory legal documentation such as cookie policy, etc. All documents are easily accessible via our collaborative user desk.

In addition, you can count on our international legal team, specialised in data protection. They are always available for questions and doubts and will provide you with a fully personalised service.

Frequently Asked Questions

A data protection officer (DPO) helps companies to monitor their compliance with data protection regulations. He also informs and advises them on their obligations in that area and is the point of contact for subject rights requests and supervisory authorities. 

He can be an existing employee, as long as his duties do not lead to a conflict of interest, or an external professional.

Whether your company needs to appoint a data protection officer or not depends on various factors: Your companies core activities and which type of data you are therefore treating. Also whether you are public authority or body.

You can find a simple test further up this page, that helps you to find out if your company needs a DPO. Or simply contact our specialist team for a free consultation.

A data protection officer needs to be appointed if your organisations activities obligate you by GDPR to hire a DPO. There are various points to consider: Do you regularly and systematically monitor individuals on a large scale? Do your core activities lead to the regular treatment of defined categories of data? Are you a public authority? 

Take our quick test further up the page, to find out if your company is legally required to appoint a data protection officer.

A data protection officer is responsible for educating the company about its regulatory compliance and related tasks. The DPO has to be independent and knowledgable about data protection. Is is possible to either appoint an internal employee as DPO, as long as there is no conflict of interest regarding the DPO duties or an external professional. The externally appointed DPO will need to perform the same tasks and duties, as an internal DPO would. Also consider to allow the DPO to report directly to the highest level of management.

The role of a data protection officer is to ensure that a company complies with data protection regulations, like the GDPR. That means, that the DPO informs everyone in the company who deals with data about their obligations and monitors the privacy compliance of the organisation. A data protection officer is also responsible for Data Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and acts as point of contact for subject rights requests. If the case requires, the DPO cooperates with data protection authorities, like the ICO . 

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