We all use WhatsApp, you’d be hard pushed to find a company without at least one workplace WhatsApp group, or use it in correspondence with customers/clients. But did you know this can be fraught with privacy issues which, if neglected, can lead to a plethora of issues including fines, damage to your hard won reputation, … Read more

The Conference of the German Independent Data Protection Supervisory Authorities (German Datenschutzkonferenz or DSK) recently published a new system for calculating administrative fines imposed under the GDPR. The German model involves a certain degree of complexity and includes the following five steps for calculating data protection fines: Assigning the company to a group based on … Read more

In this article we’ll look into what a GDPR audit consists of, and most importantly, how to conduct a data protection audit, it’ll be short and sweet to make it as useful as possible, without the fluff. There will also be a GDPR audit checklist so you can quickly and easily get a head start on … Read more

Recently, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has published a sanctioning resolution against a gym based on denunciation of a customer for using access control system with a fingerprint. More specifically, the denouncer indicated that the use of this access control system “is a disproportionate means in the collection of data and that the document … Read more