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"Pridatect helps us to always be aware of data protection legislation and implement best practices to ensure maximum protection for our users.
Haydée Barroso
Founder and CEO etoshi- Cryptographic platform for investment and taxation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Complying with data protection regulations is mandatory for all companies, failure to do so has brought a wide range of fines, to a wide range of businesses, from behemoths such as British Airways, to a small online retailer and even individuals.

GDPR non-compliance has brought significant penalties, but it’s not only immediate financial concerns to consider. There is the loss of trust from customers and the damage to the reputation of your business.

Ensuring GDPR compliance means being aware of all the risks, the constant updates, as well as the different obligations depending on the type of company or data you are dealing with.

It is not an easy task, that is why we have created a free GDPR compliance package with everything you need to make data protection compliance, effortless.

Simply fill out the download form and you will get access to a range of free GDPR resources. They will help you to implement data protection measures in your company and take a first step towards GDPR compliance.

The Pridatect software is a complete data protection solution that simplifies the process of detecting risks and protecting personal data. If you would be interested to explore what Pridatect can do for your business, you can schedule a free demo with us.