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Data Protection in telecommunications

Interview with Shaun Wilson, Data Protection Officer at Tesco Mobile


In this episode we interview Shaun Wilson, Data Protection Officer at Tesco Mobile, a leading telecommunications company operating throughout Europe.


Data protection is incredibly important in telecommunications, the very nature of their business means the sensitive information that Tesco Mobile handle such as phone numbers, bank account information, date of birth etc needs to be treated correctly. Couple this with a growing consumer awareness of data and concern for what organisations do with it, experts like Shaun are worth their weight in gold to their organisations, and, as he’s a guest on the Pridatect Privacy Insider Podcast, to you too!


Shaun is an experienced DPO and having spent the last few years taking on the different challenges and hurdles, he’s an ideal speaker for this episode,  where he will share best practices, safety measures to put in place, the importance of getting the organisation to adopt a culture of safety first and more.

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In this chat we will discuss:

It's never the same week twice, you've got different conflicts to resolve, different issues and projects to lead on, it's one of the thrills of the role that it's never the same week twice and I love that.
Shaun Wilson
Data Protection Officer at Tesco Mobile

Podcast guest

Shaun Wilson

Data Protection Officer

Shaun has extensive knowledge of both FCA compliance and data protection. He is currently working as data protection officer for Tesco Mobile, a leader in the telecommunications market.

Presented by

Charles Maddy-Trevitt

UK Data Protection Compliance Specialist

Charles has a background in a wide range of industries and sectors with international experience (US/UK/Canada/EU) in data protection, it’s this knowledge & experience that allows Charles to guide clients through the minefield of data protection regulations, and making compliance, simple.


Thanks to his extensive experience working internationally, Charles is leading the UK arm of our data protection compliance platform, which is now helping more than 10,000 companies in Europe with their international privacy needs.