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Why is it important to conduct a GDPR Risk Assessment?

A GDPR risk assessment helps us to identify data protection risks in your company. To do so, we will ask you a few questions in an online test, that you can answer in under 5 minutes.

Our team of legal experts in data protection will analyse the data you give us and we will send you the results in an detailed risk report. The report includes a list of actions to reduce risks and comply with the data protection law.

What does the Risk Assessment provide?

“In our industry we work with highly sensible data. We are treating data of 1.500 clients in Europe and America. Pridatect helped us to comply with each specific norm, like the HIPAA, the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.”
Xavier Palomer
Founder and CEO Psiousi- Virtual Reality solution for psychology & mental health

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