The new GDPR obliges all persons, companies and organizations that process personal data to comply with a series of requirements and to apply certain security measures based on the type of owned data. In this sense, two important figures should be taken into consideration in the process of adaptation to the GDPR – the controller and … Read more

One of the most significant changes with the implementation of new GDPR is the manner to obtain the consent to use the personal data of the customers. Now, the manner to ask for the consent must be clear and unambiguous and there must be an action or statement by users to confirm that yes, we … Read more

Recently, we were able to see how the companies and organizations rushed to send emails to their customers notifying them about the updates regarding the GDPR compliance. However, this practice is not always necessary and the obsession with changes in consent is creating bad practices among many professionals. First of all, what does the General … Read more

The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) establishes new obligations for companies that provide a free or paid WiFi network to their customers. With the GDPR implementation, this activity is considered as processing of personal data, so it is necessary to comply with the obligations required by the regulation. From now on it will … Read more