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Best Practices for GDPR Compliant Data Storage

In our free webinar data security expert Alexander Sverdlov and international data protection officer Lisa Hofmann will share best practices for GDPR compliant data storage. You will learn how to decide when to keep and when to delete data according to GDPR, which storage solution is recommended depending on your type of business and what to do if data needs to be stored longer than the storage limitation allows.


And of course, they will address a question we have received more than once: Is data storage in the cloud GDPR compliant?

What are you going to learn

  • To delete, or not to delete? The Principle of Storage Limitation
  • Is the cloud actually safe? Best Practices for Data Storage
  • But what, if the data cannot be deleted? Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation

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Alexander Sverdlov

Founder Atlant Security, Cyber Security Consultant.

Ex Microsoft Security Consultant, ex HP Security & Patching Manager, holding various Cybersecurity certificates of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security 

Lisa Hofmann

Chief of Legal Operations & International DPO Pridatect.

Legal specialist and certified Data Protection Officer by TUEV (German institution for security-related services), broad experience in helping companies with their privacy compliance