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5 Common Compliance Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

 Complying with the GDPR and ensuring that the personal data that is managed by a company is safe is not an easy task.  Compliance is an ongoing task because new needs can always arise, changes in the company that make it necessary to have new policies, updates in regulations or new employees who need to know how to treat personal data.



Not being clear about these things leads to committing many of the errors that cause serious violations of the GDPR. For that reason, in this webinar we are going to analyze which are the 5 most common mistakes any data protection specialist can make and how to avoid them.

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Charles Maddy-Trevitt

UK GDPR Compliance Specialist

UK Market GDPR Specialist
Charles has a background in a wide range of industries and sectors with international experience (US/UK/Canada/EU) in data protection, it’s this knowledge & experience that allows Charles to guide clients through the minefield of data protection regulations, and making compliance, simple.