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How to engage employees to implement data protection

The benefits of a practical approach

Maintaining strong legal and regulatory compliance is paramount in the current business environment. This webinar will offer practical advice on engaging employees with these requirements and examine how taking simple steps can reduce the risk of data breaches and regulatory action.


Organisations today need to know what, where and whose personal data they hold at any given time – and be able to adequately protect it for minimal risk and maximum value. This, of course, requires employee engagement. 


Join our experts, Charles Maddy-Trevitt and Steve Dickens, as they provide you with practical advice on how to ensure this important topic is incorporated at all levels in your business. 

What are you going to learn?

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Steve Dickens

Compliance Officer at Voip Unlimited

Steve led the BT Corporate Quality team for 10 years, ensuring achievement and renewal of all BT’s management system certifications; and managing compliance against the corresponding international standards. He is an enthusiastic customer-focused business improvement catalyst, with extensive experience in developing and leading corporate change, encouraging fun, and managing relationships with people at all levels both within a parent organisation and outside

Charles Maddy-Trevitt

UK GDPR Compliance Specialist

UK Market GDPR Specialist
Charles has a background in a wide range of industries and sectors with international experience (US/UK/Canada/EU) in data protection, it’s this knowledge & experience that allows Charles to guide clients through the minefield of data protection regulations, and making compliance, simple.