Interview with Naveed Malik, Head of Data Protection at Push Doctor

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In this episode we interview Naveed Malik, with extensive experience in various sectors, currently working as DPO in the health sector at Push Doctor, a service that aims to improve the healthcare of its users .


In this chat we will discuss the challenges of data protection in the health sector, where a large amount of sensitive data is processed, employee training, how to convey to other the importance of customer data privacy and best practices to other departments and how this compares to Naveed’s previous experiences at the ICO & Burberry.


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  • 1:20 How did you enter the world of data protection?
  • 7:34 What do you do now in the company you’re working for?
  • 12:01 What’s your opinion on engaging employees and companies in Data Protection?
  • 19:10 What’s your take on employee training in GDPR?
  • 22:57 What would you say is the biggest challenge you’ve faced working in house with regard to privacy issues?
  • 25:34 How do you go about engaging the various departments?
  • 29:50 Do you think it’s harder to get people engaged in data protection who don’t have a legal background?
  • 32:49 What place do you see for these platforms in terms of GDPR compliance?
  • 36:58 What would you say is the biggest challenge in ensuring data protection in your industry?
  • 43:05 Do you think people are much more concerned about data or is it Facebook hype, will it die down? What do you think, looking forward?
  • 46:01 How do you make sure you are up to date on the latest changes?
  • 49:54 If you had one piece of advice for a DPO or compliance officer just starting out, what would you say to them?

Once you have the confidence of the people that are handling the information, the persuasion, and influencing around , data protection processes, policies, and mindset, sinks in that little bit better. I’ve found that there is a process that you have to go through, you can’t simply get people in a room and say “this is what GDPR is and off you go”, it just doesn’t work like that.
Naveed Malik
Head of Data Protection at Push Doctor

Participated in today’s episode:

Naveed Malik
Head of Data Protection at Push Doctor
Naveed Malik has extensive experience in both the corporate and regulatory environments. He is currently in charge of data protection at Push Doctor, a leading healthcare service.

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