Interview with Shaun Wilson, Data Protection Officer at Tesco Mobile

In this episode we interview Shaun Wilson, currently working as DPO at Tesco Mobile, a leading telecommunications company operating throughout Europe.

In this chat we’ll discuss the importance of data protection in telecommunications and why it’s important to get an organisation onside, how sensitive data is processed, regular training sessions and how they’ve been adjusted over time, best practices and more.

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  • 1:12 Can you tell us how you got into data protection?
  • 3:39 How do you engage  companies on the subject of data protection?
  • 5:32 What’s the best way to approach employee training?
  • 8:39 How do you think data protection is handled across the companies/industries you’ve worked in?
  • 11:19 What measures would you recommend to have in place to protect sensitive data?
  • 13:43 What would you say is the biggest issue you’ve faced with regard to data protection?
  • 16:02 Regarding the importance of data protection and engagement, how do you see it being generated in your organisation?
  • 17:53 How easy do you find it to enforce guidelines across departments?
  • 19:46 In your experience, are customers interested or concerned with how their data is used?
  • 21:45 When dealing with really strict technical measures, is there anything you have to keep in mind?
  • 24:00 How do you make sure that you’re up to date on the latest development in data protection, as it can be such a fast paced industry?
  • 26:40 How do you think data protection and awareness of it is going to evolve at both company and user level going forwards?
  • 29:23 If you were to give one tip or piece of advice to someone who is coming in as a compliance officer or data protection role, what would you say?

It’s never the same week twice, you’ve got different conflicts to resolve, different issues and projects to lead on, it’s one of the thrills of the role that it’s never the same week twice and I love that.
Shaun Wilson
Data Protection Officer at Tesco Mobile

Participated in today’s episode:

Shaun Wilson
Data Protection Officer at Tesco Mobile
Shaun has extensive knowledge of both FCA compliance and data protection. He is currently working as data protection officer for Tesco Mobile, a leader in the telecommunications market.

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